So much goodness to be discovered in Sacred Joy Tea! The best way I know how to describe these teas, is to tell you how I feel during and after drinking a cup. The experience begins with the name. Sacred Joy reminds you of the potential in every moment, every interaction—that we are blessed with opportunitites to transform ordinary moments, like drinking tea with friends, into sacred ones...just by acknowledging them. Then there's the taste! Well-Being Tea is intensely aromatic, has a resinous fragrance, and a sweet cardamom-clove taste that is quite comforting. Sipping the tea, you realize at once, that it's medicinal because you start feeling more peaceful and balanced. And after you've finished drinking a cup, your body feels the love and devotion that went into crafting the tea. You just breathe easier and feel healthier! Packaged absolutely magnificently, I now know what I will be purchasing to give as gifts—so I can share the goodness with friends and family! 

~ Vicki Kingsbury, Delafield, WI

Sacred Joy Tea is pure liquid love... I have been lucky to experience Julie's homemade teas and find her mixes to be filled with wholesome integrity. Aside from using top quality products, Julie's intentions permeate every ounce of steaming tea.

~ Tatiana Land Achar, Steamboat Springs, CO

"Friendship tea" is my daily favorite. Julie had several suggestions for adapting the tea for different tastes and preferences. I whisk a little into warm milk or cream. As a treat, I use a heavy ceramic mug created by our mutual friend, Michael Imes. Two artistic friends and a ritual to enjoy both together. It is "Sacred Joy!”

~ Mary Frances Linzer, Wales, WI 

Love these teas. I have had them when I was sick and needed physical comfort and healing. I have also had them in sacred moments all by myself and with my soul sisters.

~ Willow Kushler, Nevada City, CA